Football (N2): Rouen's first shocker for ASBO, 'It's up to us to get out of the game'

Football (N2): Rouen’s first shocker for ASBO, ‘It’s up to us to get out of the game’

Preparation, recruitment, his opinion on the teams in the group and the goal of the season… AS Beauvais Oise (ASBO) coach Sebastien Delle answers our questions a few hours before the resumption of the match and the first match of National 2 in Rouen, which takes place on Saturday 20 August at 6 pm. Maintenance work.

What state of mind are you in a few hours before the tournament resumes?

Like everyone else, we can’t wait for the competition to start. Friendly matches are good, but they only last for a short time (Six wins in seven matches).

What conclusions do you draw from the ASBO setting?

It’s a fairly positive assessment, aside from the results, the content is interesting, the state of mind of the group has not changed with the new arrivals, we are completely out of the blue and we score quite a few goals. Which bodes well for the future.

One of the black points in the last exercise is related to the lack of efficiency. And there are 17 goals in 7 matches, and the new goals are already decisive… Did you expect such success?

It was the kind of work I had to do in June. Be careful, we have quality and the ones who left were good players, but they got hurt sometimes, sometimes they had a hard time getting back to their level, they had a bit of bad luck… Anyway, he was sure we had to change a lot of things in this sector.

Now, as I explained to the boys, we have to go into the field knowing that we have offensive weapons. Then, it is clarified and if we have a lot of satisfaction during preparation, we must find the means to be just as efficient in N2.

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Is the recruitment over and what do you think about it?

Yes, except for major last minute issues, this one is gone. We strive to improve year by year. We’ve only been here four years, and we’ve already done a lot.

We know we have to continue to reach a milestone, which means there are more players, competition, quality and also boys who are able to express their potential throughout the season.

We will try to start our exercise better with almost a full lineup. Leave the preparation without blisters. So yeah, we’re more than ready to perform!

Sebastien Delle, coach of AS Beauvais Oise (ASBO), a few hours before the resumption

All this cannot be built in two months, which is the culmination of these four seasons that allowed us today, not to boast, but to keep what we wanted and seize some opportunities that seemed to us interesting.

Besides, it’s funny because people talk to me about it kora : Many think I took him out of Switzerland, while last year he was in Le Touquet and no one was interested in him. There are no puzzles.

Our hiring is on our budget and without going crazy, with guys who want to share a common project, who are vengeful or want to find more light.

We can’t take a player who broke everything the year before at the National nor a player who burns from season to season in N2 because we don’t have the finances. It takes a lot of work because you have to be smart and take your time…Look at Barka, when we went to get him, nobody wanted him and now he’s playing in the National.

Do you already have eleven or will they be moved?

To start the tournament, we will have to use preparation. For example, it looks complicated to see Musquet appear on the set this weekend, who unfortunately has had a large part of the preparations and was unable to play.

The idea is to have a team where everyone pulls themselves off and where we can make the most fair choices knowing that we expect performance from everyone every weekend… It’s not like we were able to get in the past where there wasn’t much that sometimes didn’t allow Us take turns or make fairer decisions after poor performance.

Like I said, the selection will be made according to each other’s level of performance with healthy competition, knowing that we will need everyone. With 30 league matches and a Coupe de France, the season is very long; As we saw it last year.

What do you think of the band you fell into?

I wouldn’t say it’s unknown because I watched a lot of matches from this group. It’s very difficult with so many clubs showing a lot of ambition.

Some were still pros a short time ago like Vannes, Saint-Malo has the resources and has recruited top scorers. I’m not even talking about it, Chamblee is coming down and wanting to come back, Rouen is a legendary club…so yes, in terms of football, it will be more interesting because it’s a more open tournament, with teams that don’t lock the match and where there are many goals in every weekend.

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Unfortunately, we did not expect it, we fall into a new group, in a year of reform with five and six grandchildren, so we will remain out of sight, and the passwords will be work and humility. We will also try to ensure our upkeep as soon as possible to see what we can imagine behind it.

Is Al-Ahly the target of this season?

You know, we’re sixteen at the starting line with a good past for most of us, and plenty of means for many formations. Today, nobody wants to go down and yet it will be five or six in the N3 at the end of the season, while only one will be in the National.

The tournaments are much tougher and more demanding than they were ten years ago, so it’s up to us to opt out of the game. So we are going to step up, first of all by checking our maintenance, and then we are no more stupid than another: if we are in the top three 10 days after the end, we will of course try to get first place.

Do you have a message for supporters?

We finished very well last year: we had a lot of fun with an increasingly large audience. We will always try to give the maximum because it is part of the values ​​we want to convey within the club. We will do everything we can to try to win as many matches as possible.

Therefore, we must feel the people behind us, like our cup, is omnipresent for several seasons, who is on all trips and who has helped us a lot in this regard. If we play football for fun, we also do it for all those moments of sharing.

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