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Life insurance, PER, PEA… Why women avoid financial products

Women are the champion of savings and budget management. However, only a minority of them own investment products such as life insurance, PER or PEA, according to the Ifop survey.

Since July 13, 1965, a woman has the right to open a bank account in her own name and to work without the consent of her husband. A critical first step towardsFinancial independence.

But in reality, there is still a long way to go. Because some imbalances persist, Ifop’s survey reveals women and money (1) Produced last July on behalf of ViveS Media.

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Breaking the taboo

First note: Women find it difficult to talk about money. Only one out of two respondents discusses this topic regularly with his partner. and pain 12% Some of them talk a lot about it with their friends. Is money more taboo than sex?

When they think of money, a third of French women associate it with stress (21%) or constraint (12%), as for the 30% Among them, money is synonymous with freedom. On the other hand, just 13% Investigations linking money to pleasure.

These feelings have an effect on financial options Women. alone 36% of the respondents have life insurance. And if some have opened a retirement savings plan (15th%), equity savings plan (12%) or private cryptocurrencies (3%), their number is still few.

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poor financial culture

In question, poor financial culture. The knowledge level Regarding these various financial products (…) are rather low, Ifop points out. And for good reason: less than a third See what’s for each of the suggested products.

woman result Put safety first. Often at the expense of performance. To the question what would you do if you received a large amount of money, 4 sensors out of 10 They reply that they will put the money into a checking or savings account.

Risk-free products, but their performance does not even cover inflation, which has reached 6.1% More than a year in July, according to INSEE. On the contrary, only 4% Investigations will be ready to invest this money in stocks and 1% In UCITS and ETFs.

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Invest, don’t just save

after womenExcellent managers. they are who budget management fireplace in 70% cases. Almost three quarters of them review their accounts at least once every week. But they must now go further than that, says Bettina Ducat.

asked by reverberationthe managing director of La Financire de l’Echiquier recalls that financial education is a Big group issue. Investing, not just saving, is one of the keys to controlling your destiny and moving the streaks.

To help women deal with this topic, ViveS Media launched a podcast this summer Let’s dare sorreldivided into six episodes: Dare to Talk Money, Dare to Earn More, Dare to Save, Dare to Spend, Dare to Invest, Dare to Send.

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(1) The Ifop Women and Money Survey, conducted June 7-13, 2022 on 1,001 women aged 18 and over, for ViveS Media in partnership with La Financire de l’chiquier.

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