Photo - Michael Schumacher: his son Mick "cut from the world", he is ready for his new life!  - expensive

Photo – Michael Schumacher: his son Mick “cut from the world”, he is ready for his new life! – expensive

The Schumacher clan, still deeply affected by the terrible accident of the Red Baron, decided to buy a luxury property on the island of Mallorca in the Balearic Islands. New life under the sun that Mick Schumacher gave an Instagram glimpse.

since then Ski accident On December 29, 2013, Michael Schumacher disappeared from the circles. However, in motor racing, Schumacher has that in their blood. At just 22 years old, Mick Schumacher is following in his illustrious father’s footsteps by running American team Haas. When a young man is not on the tarmac, a young man is never far from his family. As proof of this, the family decided to spend more time together through the show luxury villa for a modest amount of 32 million euros in Mallorca, Spain. If the place will be probably Busy during the winter, the Ferrari legend’s son has already stayed there for the summer.

In an Instagram post published on Thursday, August 11, Mick Schumacher Make his fans travel By revealing several clips showing the clear sea that has always made it famous Balearic Island. In describing the strange images, the race driver chose a symbolic sentence: “Out of network coverage“, to be translated into Molière’s language by”world Cup“.”that’s cool. Enjoy this comfortYou well deserve it’, referenced in the user comment. A charming arc for the athlete going through a rough period in which he has yet to secure a seat for next season.

>> Pictures – Mick Schumacher, following in his father’s footsteps

Michael Schumacher: His health is still in question

According to the German magazinedie puntFor the Schumacher family, indeed f1 icon fetches By plane to their new Iberian home. However, information about the health of the Red Baron is still scanty. “He breathes, his heart beatsmaybe he can sit up and take small steps with help, but no more‘, neurosurgeon Eric Riederer revealed in a documentary aired on TMC, in 2020. Despite her husband’s fragile condition, Corina Beach indicated on her part that she wanted to support him, whatever the cost:It is very important to me that he can do that Continue to enjoy life as special as possible. Michael has always protected us, and now We protect Michael.

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