Propriano: VCangioni, the high-end ready-to-wear brand that is responsible for the environment

Propriano: VCangioni, the high-end ready-to-wear brand that is responsible for the environment

set off between Paris And the proprianoThe High-end ready-to-wear brand Imagined by Vanessa Cangione, she combines seventh art, clothing, and ecology. Meet a young fashionista who reveals her new collection.

Your first fashion show in Paris in 2021 made it possible to introduce you and launch your brand VCangioni. What brought you into the fashion industry?

I have always been attracted to fashion and design.

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After Sartène College, I got my baccalaureate for professionals in fashion in Nice before I incorporated my fine arts preparation. Then I continued my studies at the Ecole Polytechnique Duperré in Paris, which trains students for creative careers, in fashion and textiles, but also in graphic design and communication. By participating in the National Young Designers Competition last year, and after being selected from among the eight finalists, I had the opportunity to model for my first Lonely Dolls collection.

The imaginary dolls were able to come to life during this wonderful event. This contest was a chance to introduce myself and people asked for some dresses. Musicians especially. This first set allowed me to gain self-confidence and emphasize my style.

Specifically, from this premiere, I wanted to dazzle your style with scenography and creations inspired by cinema, psychology …

In fact. The pace of the show was slow, after the music love the stadium From the air group, excerpts from the movie Virgin suicide Written by Sofia Coppola, herself inspired by the novel by Jeffrey Eugenides. This choice was not accidental, because Virgin suicide It is one of my favorite works. The story is poignant and the characters are striking, and the sisters are presented as pure, innocent and fragile young girls, though they wish to impress otherwise. These characters fit perfectly with the vision I like to have about the porcelain doll.

To accompany the models, two TVs mounted on the walls were also placed allowing the fusion of a video projection that represented inaccurate silhouettes and blurry distorted images in the water. Always in a psychological rather than aesthetic approach, I wanted to portray the “soul” and feelings that a doll would express if they appeared on the ground. A tormented and solitary vision from which emanates a cold and peaceful poetry that brings back to the world of fairy tales. I love to share my vision of art through clothes. And because I’m so dreamy, I like to let cinema, pop culture, stories, and literature live my daily life.

Creativity allows you to interpret your dreams, fantasies and ideas in order to turn them into reality. However, a perennial theme that usually emerges from my creations is psychology. In my opinion, any existing “thing” is born from a psychological process, so it is important to highlight it. Fashion is a way of emphasizing one’s tastes, values ​​and personality, which is why I prefer ideas and imagination rather than the aesthetics of pure clothing.

You also attach importance to the environment. Want VCangioni to be responsible for the environment?

It was important to launch an environmentally responsible clothing brand and at the same time an invitation to discover a world inspired by cinema, psychology and fairy tales. This is why I want to practice recycling, which makes it possible to recycle professional textiles.

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In a world where we consume excessively, I like the idea of ​​consuming differently in noble substances.

You are actively preparing your second collection that will be officially presented at an upcoming fashion show in Paris in a few months…

My second collection called “Psycho” comes after a photo session that took place in February 2022. Creations with very aesthetic and psychological video support, inspired by films such as American Psycho where The Silence of the Lambs… For me, psychology and art are closely related. The combination of the two is important to me in creation. For the top of the range, the goal is to set context, and organize my creations. The dress remains the main focus even if for the winter I’m planning to add gowns and jackets… For this new collection, I’m suggesting abstract curves with splashes of fabric prints. The prints applied in the Luna collection, for example, the dress and chest are in black and white.

There’s also a Bale dress, high collar, and slit on each side that play on the “slick” effect, recognizable among the thousand.

Or Mildred’s dress, with a coiled top and a long straight kimono-style tail. Even if I place too much importance on my high-end collections, the brand tends to diversify with more mainstream products like men’s shirts made from recycled organic cotton. An ideal option would also be to present tailor-made performances for events, shootings, theatrical performances or musical performances …

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