1880: France's youngest deputy, Emmanuel Arren mobilizes Corsica for the new regime of the Third Republic

1880: France’s youngest deputy, Emmanuel Arren mobilizes Corsica for the new regime of the Third Republic

The next day Second EmpireRepublican conquest of Corsica Owes so much to take care Gambetta This makes political clannish an institution. Adept at weaving networks, the Arena makes or breaks polls as it pleases.

On August 8, 1880, the young Emmanuel Aren entered politics by running for cantonal elections in the canton of Zicavu, the stronghold of Apatucci.

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After the defeat of Jean-Charles Apatucci, the established former chancellor, Emmanuel Aren, born in Ajaccio into a Provençal family, was elected general counsel by 636 votes to his opponent’s 566. But his election is void because he has not reached the 25 years required by law to be eligible. Evil elect Arren does not admit defeat, and again appears before the electorate on March 6, 1881, where he is again defeated, the outgoing Apatucci. The Republican press, which supports Arren, rejoices in the Journal de la Course: ” To be called Apatucci, to be the son of a minister, to be chancellor of the state, to be a canton and represent him forever, to be utterly defeated by the little ring, child, stranger, difficult! But the Bonapartist press, for its part, owes the ballot obtained with promises of jobs in the post office or prison.

This narrow duel between Bonaparte and a republican, illustrates well the main political bet which then dominated Corsica, divided between two opposing parties. Bonapartists, orphans since the death of Napoleon III’s son, the Imperial Prince in 1879, and republicans who have consolidated their position since the defeat of Sedan and the advent of the III.e Republic.

The press that drives everything, Emmanuel Aren leads an irresistible rise in the political world. Young editor appreciates Edmond About’s Le XIX readers, the delicacy of his writinge In the last century, Arène reached the circles of power at the age of 23 by entering the private secretariat of the Minister of the Interior, Étienne Leber. Zicavo’s young general counsel does not intend to stop there and aims higher, namely the Bourbon Palace.

In November 1881, Aren presented himself at a partial legislative meeting in Corte with the blessing of his spiritual “father”, Leon Gambetta. About Count Horace

Chosul, was elected Republican in Corte, but at the same time in Seine-et-Marne, he chose Mellon. In order to maintain the siege, Gambetta sends young Arin to the front. ” The campaign did not prove so difficult and would not be worth resorting to all means: the guarantee of Parisian power was sufficient, and some empty dates would fulfill the rest. (1) The campaign succeeded again for Emmanuel Arryn who found himself driven into the Palais Bourbon. ” Emmanuel Arjen received 6,672 votes out of 9,389 electors against his opponent, the radical and ex-communist Pascal Grosset, meanwhile, winning only 2,710 votes, or 30% of the votes cast. Emmanuel Arryn becomes France’s youngest MP. »(2)

Member of Parliament for Corte (1881-1885), then for Sarten (1889-1997) and finally for Ajaccio from 1897 to 1904, Emmanuel Arrán defended Corsica’s economic interests in the Chamber on urgent issues such as the establishment of the Iron and Steel Company. East Coast sewage.

‘A strong man with government support’

With successes, Arène cemented his position as the leader of the Corsica Republican Party. In Bastia in 1886, it was the so-called “List” Republican discipline It caused the defeat of the leader of the right, Denis Gaffney, who immediately withdrew from the political scene. The campaign between the two parties sparked heated debate in the press, as well as fiery debates in the Bastia Theatre. Re-elected deputy in 1898, Aren became the most powerful man in Corsica, joining in 1900 to preside over the General Council. ” When he died in 1908, Emmanuel Aren was nicknamed Santu Casanova ” U Re Manual ”that is, the strongman of the island’s political life, at the heart of a powerful network that has been built up, year after year, whose ramifications extend both locally and nationally.. »(3)

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Such a rise could not go on without a strong appetite for power, but also a spirit of cunning, with which his detractors accuse him of Bonapartism. ” With the support of the government, and at once from the conservatives who put the administrative apparatus at his disposal, Emmanuel Arren, with great skill, an institutional political clan and ruling over the island – just call it-on pas u re Manuele? – until 1908, the date of his death, in the exercise of alternately two deputy deputy and senator, and still sitting within the moderate Republican group. »(4)

Using irony as a weapon, the Arena responds to its opponents with one. Such was the case on the podium in December 1889 as the Chamber considered an electoral dispute in which Corsica was making headlines. Responding strongly to the intervention of Rapporteur Florens, noting that ” Corsica alone offers nearly as much litigation as two-thirds of the continent’s provinces ». ” Gentlemen, so far in many contested elections, I have heard that they have brought to the podium a doctrine which is certainly very philosophical, but which seems to me also very strange. We were told: Yes, the bishop fought us, and the priests unleashed against us violently. But we must take his side, we are Republicans, and we must not depend on the bishop, nor on the clergy. »(5)

From 1881 to 1904, from the presidency of Jules Greve to that of Émile Loubet, Emmanuel Arryn served six terms as deputy, a rather rare period in French political life. The death of Emmanuel Aren in 1908 is deeply felt throughout the island.

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Particularly touched was the republican press, which translates in the Journal de la Course the feeling of emptiness left by his disappearance: ” Corsica, the Agace family in particular, knows what we lose in Emmanuel Arjen. Our friends know that they are losing their most reliable leader, the one for whom victory has always been accompanied by unalterable sincerity: our compatriots will not for a long time find a man whom they trust with the same confidence to defend the interests of our country . »

Always ready to take on the challenge against the critics of Corsica, Emmanuel Arjen also leaves the vivid image of a Parisian man of the beautiful era.

His spirit and outbursts were held in high esteem in the capital as people questioned his presence in salons. He also hosts a “Gambita Dinner” every first Friday of the month at the Lion d’Or. »(6)

His ceremonial funeral was held on August 18, 1908 in Ajaccio, attended by many dignitaries including Secretary of the Navy Gaston Thompson and Figaro Director Gaston Calmette.

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