Drought and fires in Aveyron: Affected companies could resort to partial activity

Drought and fires in Aveyron: Affected companies could resort to partial activity

Tourism professionals and farmers, among others, are affected by drought and fires, which have consequences for their economy.

in frame Historic drought cycle currently in France,
The Aveyron department is also affected fires And the Ban measures where Restrictions on water extraction and irrigation. These measures may have consequences for business activity.

Supporting the decline in the activity of companies affected by the decisions

The micro-activity scheme can, in particular, “reductions in the activity of
Companies affected by provincial decisions banning or limiting sampling
Water and irrigation, based on “other exceptional circumstances,” refers to the province of Aveyron.

It also relates to facilities damaged by fires.

What are the conditions ?

1. There is a publication of the governorate’s ban or restriction order
Water extraction and irrigation for the geographical area in which the partial activity

2 – The drought must be of an exceptional nature, i.e. unpredictable,
Irresistible, extrinsic, not repetitive/structural, i.e. leads to general
Year after year to administrative restriction that leads to a decrease in activity every year
In the geographical area

3. The company must prove that it has made every effort to avoid the negative impact of this
Restrictions (purchasing water tanks, recycling rainwater or sewage, etc.)

4. The business must have sufficient connection with the restrictions on water use
(Dependence on the use of water in production or operation)

5. Seasonal workers for whom the employment contract has not commenced
From implementation is not eligible for partial activity

6. In the case of insurance that covers risks (crop insurance in particular), it is this insurance
Which must be filled out by the company and only partial activity can be authorized
A temporary bond, pending payment by the insurance company

For fire-affected facilities, refer to the conditions
Developed with the numbers given in Articles 2, 4, 5 and 6 above.

Device execution

1. The employer submits an application for prior authorization on the APART website

2. Exceptionally, a partial activity application can be submitted Within 30 days after that
employee information

3. For the order to be complete, it is necessary to describe:

– reason for appeal = “other exceptional circumstances”
Detailed circumstances and economic situation that led to the request
The expected period of underemployment is a maximum of 3 months for each application, limited to 6 months for each application
rolling year)
The number of employees involved
Estimated number of vacation hours
Attach an insurance certificate stating that the insurance does not cover salaries
Attach any useful document (example: irrigation restriction order, purchase invoice for

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