"Everything is ready for the proper holding of legislative elections" (Saka Lafia)

“Everything is ready for the proper holding of legislative elections” (Saka Lafia)

A few hours before the legislative elections on Sunday, January 8, 2023, the President of the Independent National Electoral Commission (CENA), Saka Lafia, addressed the Beninese nation. He reassured all the people of the arrangements made by CENA for the flawless conduct of the elections.

The legislative elections will take place on Sunday, January 08, 2023. CENA, the institution responsible for organizing elections in Benin, played its part in making the polling go smoothly. President Saka Lafia, through a message to the nation on Saturday, January 7, 2023, reassured the entire Beninese state. He reassured that “everything is ready to conduct the legislative elections properly.”

In accordance with the provisions of Article 12 of the Electoral Code, Sacca Lafia reminded the 02 basic conditions for expressing the right to vote. This is on the one hand, to appear on the “extract from the lists of voters in the constituency (EC) of his residence, except in cases of non-compliance provided for” and, on the other hand, to hold a document of ‘identity’.

Then the CENA president called out the documents voters will need to vote on Sunday. He cited, among others, the Certificate of Personal Information (CIP), the computerized permanent electoral list card (LEPI), the national identity card, the biometric identity card of ECOWAS standards, the passport, the driver’s license, the professional identity card, civil or military . A pension book bearing a photo of its holder, the student card and the school identity card.

Elections are essential to any democratic country. “It’s a big challenge for both sides,” said Saka Lafia. He urged residents to participate massively, “to make their choice.”

He was assured that security arrangements had been made.

Elections according to the head of CENA are sometimes sources of strong feelings. To this end, he called on the population to be patient and tolerant so that everything could be done in peace and quiet.

Before wishing “good luck” to the competing parties, the CENA chief urges election agents to be punctual, diligent, self-sacrifice and patient in the discharge of their patriotic duties.


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January 7, 2023 F. Aubin AhéhéhinnouAnd
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