Investissement immobilier choisir la pierre-papier pour sa retraite

Real Estate Investing for Retirement Why is everyone investing in SCPI?

When talking about stone paper, the word “SCPI” always comes first. It is an affordable unlisted real estate fund. In any case, civilian real estate investment companies are not short of assets. Investors often choose SCPI to prepare for their retirement. to focus!

Investing in Stone Papers to Prepare for Retirement: How Do We Do It Well?

It is reported that pensions increased on July 1, 2022. However, this increase is not related to supplementary pensions for workers in the private sector. So there is a certain category of infected elderly people. Fortunately, there are other alternative solutions such as stone paper.

You can actually invest in SCPI’sThe goal of preparing for your retirement. You may not know it, but this crowdfunding tool generates an interesting additional income.

According to ASPIM, the distribution rate for sustainable intensification of crop production was 4.49% in 2021. This is significantly high compared to the yield of Livret A: 2%. Ditto for LDDS (Handbook for Sustainable and Solidarity Development). Let’s not forget that life insurance policy pay in euro funds barely exceeds 2%.

Simulate your SCPI investment online

How much will your investment be?

You can invest in SCPI from 300 euros. Even if this money is not blocked, you must take into account that the amount will be invested over at least 10 years.