How do you save money while you are a student?

How do you save money while you are a student?

Inflation, lack of time, compulsive buying… Struggling to make ends meet? Don’t panic, here are our tips!

  • Create a schedule of your mandatory expenses

Your rent, phone bills, and your electric bills. To better manage your money, it is important to know what is compulsorily withdrawn in order to know what is left to spend.

  • Learn how to save and set aside!

Even if you start with a small amount. You can learn how to save your money.

  • Use discount apps

If you are an epicurean, be aware that there are apps to be able to eat in restaurants with discounts ranging from 20% to 50%! Subject to reading the terms carefully and booking ahead of time, eg with the app the fork.

  • Install an app to view your monthly expenses

This prevents you from falling into the red and will allow you day by day to know your expenses and improve your savings.

Avoid going to malls if you’re the hacky type.

Bonus tip: uninstall your shopping apps so you don’t give in to temptation. Radical but effective!

  • Student Card: Oh Sesame

Feel free to find out on the Internet, from your school / university, about the benefits for students, but also about the benefits for those under 26! You can benefit from discounts in the cinema or in some amusement parks for example, the fact that you are a student is an important advantage.

Yes, shopping can be tedious, but buying your own food allows you to make more meals and choose the best prices yourself. A takeaway is practical, but you need to factor in the costs of delivery and/or service, which are too expensive for you! So from time to time you can indulge yourself but it should not become a habit.

  • Have parties with you or your friends!

Having a drink on the terrace can quickly become a luxury when you’re on a shoestring budget. So go ahead, an evening at home the price of a drink on the terrace will be the price of a refreshing drink in the supermarket!

What is the freelance economy?

It is the fact of combining different temporary or part-time jobs. So if you are talented in some subject, in music or in writing for example, you can create your ad on sites like I suggest myself.

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