Cinematic releases for January 11th: The Cyclades, Terrifier 2, Les Cadors ...

Cinematic releases for January 11th: The Cyclades, Terrifier 2, Les Cadors …

Filming anecdotes, notes of intent, information for movie lovers: discover each week’s behind-the-scenes movie releases.

Terrifying 2 by Damien Lyon

With Lauren Lavera, David Howard Thornton, and Gina Cannell…

what is he talking about ? After being revived by an evil entity, Art the Clown returns to the town of Miles County where he targets a teenage girl and her younger brother on Halloween night.

The Cyclades by Marc Vitosi

With Laure Calamy, Olivia Cott, and Kristin Scott Thomas…

what is he talking about ? In their teens, Blandin and Magali were inseparable. Years passed and they lost sight of each other. When their paths cross again, they decide to take the trip they’ve always dreamed of together. Off to Greece!

Do you know ? After Maman a tort, a wintery and somewhat disappointing comedy-drama released in 2016, Marc Vitosi wanted to write an optimistic and sunny comedy. The memory of the friendships made when he was younger soon made itself felt.

Senior sailor, Dinara Drukarova

With Dinara Drukarova, Sam Lowick, Bjorn Hillnor Haraldsson…

what is he talking about ? Lily left everything to go to the end of the world to pursue her dream: to fish in the North Seas. She convinces Ian, the captain of the trawler, to give her a chance and start rebelling. The solitary and elusive, nicknamed “Sparrow” is the only woman in the crew.

Do you know ? For believability, Dinara Drukarova did fishing courses before filming. It’s a hard-to-reach world because fishermen don’t want “tourists” on their boats. She trusts: “It’s a very closed world, and their work is very risky and physical work.”

The Journey of Pietro Marcello

With Raphael Thierry, Juliette Joanne, Louis Jarel …

what is he talking about ? Somewhere in northern France, Juliette grows up alone with her father, Raphael, a soldier who survived World War I. One summer, the girl meets a wizard who promises her that one day Scarlet Sails will come to take her away from her village.

Do you know ? L’Envol is freely adapted from the novel Les Voiles écarlates by the Soviet writer Alexander Green. Originally, Pietro Marcelo wasn’t planning to adapt it. It was his producer, Charles Gilbert, and his collaborator, Romain Blondeau, who offered to read it. He remembers:

“What interests me primarily in the novel is the relationship between father and daughter. The mother dies, it is up to the father to take care of the child, and the bond created between them fascinated me. It fascinated me even more to imagine what happens when the father dies.”

Cadiz Julian Jota

With Jean-Paul Rove, Gregoire Ludig, Michel Blanc …

what is he talking about ? The story of two brothers that oppose everything. Antoine, married, with two children, boat driver, Christian, single, unemployed and incorrigible. But when Antoine, the perfect husband, finds himself embroiled in a sordid story, it is the unloved Christian who, even if he is not asked for anything, arrives in Cherbourg to come to his rescue.

Do you know ? Julian Guetta chose a title that was “simultaneously ironic and tender”, with an ’80s side. He explains: “The bull in the locker room for footballers is the idea of ​​masculinity and strength. However, the film shows rather weak men who want to make good faces with a slightly archaic manly image. They cling to this image when you can also be a snake when you are sensitive, touching and honest “.

Newbie Lauren Hadaway

With Isabelle Fuhrmann, Amy Forsyth, Dillon…

what is he talking about ? Alex Dahl, a lonely young girl consumed by a need to succeed, decides to join her university’s rowing club. Once there, she wants to join the best crew by all means, including pushing her physical and mental limits, even if it means alienating her teammates.

Do you know ? At 17, Lauren Hadaway decided to join her alma mater’s junior rowing team, even though she was not an athlete and knew nothing about the practice. Within a few months, I became obsessed with the sport, and this for 4 years:

“It consumed me. I dreamed about it. I talked about it. I read about it. I read hundreds of pages of data, analyzed video frame by frame, looked up formulas and developed complex Excel spreadsheets to track my progress.”

Rascals by Jimmy Laboral Tresor

With Jonathan Felter, Maysum Slimani, Jonathan Epp…

what is he talking about ? The Rascals, a gang of young men from the suburbs, take advantage of the quiet life of the 1980s. In a record store, one of them recognizes the skin that attacked him and decides to take justice into his own hands. Witnessing the scene, the Skinner’s Younger Sister approaches a radical student who promises revenge on the Rascals.

Do you know ? Rascals takes place in 1984, the year FN achieved its first major result at the national level, with almost 11% in the European elections and 10 European MPs. While the neo-Nazi Skinheads took over the concerts and occupied the streets, in particular many Parisian neighborhoods (Les Halles, Saint-Michel, Convention …), the Black Dragons were born in 1983.

Devil’s Fist by Oliver Park

Starring: Nick Blood, Emily Wiseman, Paul Kay…

what is he talking about ? While they were expecting their first child, Claire and Arthur decided to renew family ties. The young couple move into a caterer’s business run by Arthur’s father, Saul. But the arrival of the mysterious corpse will make them fall into terror…

The Immensita by Emmanuel Crialez

With Penelope Cruz, Vincenzo Amato, Luana Giuliani …

what is he talking about ? Rome in the 1970s.In the wave of social and cultural changes, Clara and Felice Borghetti no longer love each other but are unable to leave each other. Distraught, Clara finds refuge in the conniving relationship she has with her three children, particularly with the eldest born into a body that does not conform to her own.

Do you know ? L’Immensità is a personal film that Emmanuel Crialez has wanted to make for many years. “It was always my ‘next movie,’ but every time I gave way to another story, as if I didn’t have the maturity to feel ready,” the director explains.

“This is my most personal film, a trip down memory lane through memories, sometimes subtle, sometimes vague, impressions of the past, revisited and recast through the prism of the experience I had today.

My City Tomorrow by Marie Montfagnard, Caroline Dragacci, Mathieu Coffin

what is he talking about ? A group of people from Annecy set out to meet local agents of change in search of a new way to live together to build a world more united and respectful of life.

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Do you know ? Inspired by the film Demain and the book Petit Manuel de Resistance Contemporaine by Cyril Dion, Marie Montfagnard, Caroline Dragacci and Mathieu Coffin, they decided to take action by highlighting the men and women who one day decided to get involved locally for the sake of others and for the planet:

“Everywhere in France, actions, assemblies, associations and companies are developing in search of a better life and sustainability. Citizens are moving to create … things are changing. But how do you convince everyone to question their way of life? “Collectively” and for the future?

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