Edtech: Cantoo invented the DYS digital notebook

Edtech: Cantoo invented the DYS digital notebook

Dyslexia, dyslexia and dyslexia are all language disorders that generate learning difficulties in school. According to the French Federation of DYS, these dysfunctions affect one million students in France, with many of them undiagnosed. From 2009, while studying at Centrale Lille, Francois Pilliod He had created as part of a research project, with four pupils for his promotion, the first program to help children who had arrived at DYS learn mathematics.

Ten years later, Cantoo launched the Euratechnologies Park in Lille with Minashi Selvam, who was already involved in the initial project, “to expand it to other disciplines and to respond to a wide range of disabilities,” explains François Pilliod, head of the startup. Thus was born Cantoo Scribe, the first digital notebook to combine educational tools to compensate for these disruptions.

Better than paper

“For dyslexics, the digital system allows you to change the font, the size and the spacing between characters,” explains Minashe Selvam, Cantoo’s general manager. “But we can also use phonemic synthesis: instead of reading, the student prefers to listen to the text in order to understand it better. And for the one who has problems with writing, he will dictate his text, which the machine will then decode.”

Meenashi Selvam, CEO and Co-Founder of Kantu.

With this digital notebook, the child has one device with a comprehensive program that offers 22 writing, arithmetic, engineering or science functions up to organizing work. In the classroom, it replaces the paper notebook, “a way for the school to adapt to the needs of the child while respecting the teacher’s pedagogy,” defines Meenashe Selvam.

Winner of the Education Digital Districts Program As part of Plan France 2030, the company, accredited by National Education via the Edu-Up system, has won an invitation to bid to supply 115,000 teachers with Cantoo Scribe in twelve departments, including Vosges, Hérault and Aisne. This year’s market will bring him 1.6 million euros in four years. The first 6,000 copies have already been distributed to students.

Consider exclusivity

With this very DYS-oriented tool and a little bit of autism, the young company, which Employs six peoplejust collected million euros To develop his invention and to compensate for other difficulties: attention disorders, visual impairment or color blindness. She adds, “Our goal is to build the school of tomorrow, which takes into account the privacy of each student, and which can reach beyond children with high potential.”

The Investir & + fund, which contributed €200,000, entered the capital with 10%, and Made For All, the influential family office of Thierry Petit, former CEO of Showroomprivé, with 2% with €50,000. The two founders remain in the majority. The balance of financing was achieved through a convertible bond from Bpifrance with the French Tech Seed Fund, but also an amortization loan, an equity loan from Nord Actif and another from the ethical bank NEF.

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