eImmo: the credit and insurance platform that reinvents real estate support

eImmo: the credit and insurance platform that reinvents real estate support


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Created in 2018, the credit and insurance platform eImmo is edited by Eloa and is a new offering of real estate services intended for real estate agents, agents, builders and developers. Target? Offers buyers, renters or rental investors a digital insurance and credit offer to facilitate their real estate projects.

Ludovic Laborde, CEO and Co-Founder, Eloa. – © Dr

Thanks to eImmo, real estate professionals have, since last November, a SaaS platform that integrates credit (real estate and consumption) and insurance (housing, etc.) solutions to facilitate the real estate project for their clients.

An important asset to meet the requirements of real estate professionals who want to integrate financing and insurance solutions into their clients’ journeys in order to support them through to the end of their real estate project.

For years, professionals have wanted to automate and digitize their end-to-end service offering to their clients while managing their partners. With eImmo, this dream becomes a reality thanks to its open architecture that allows integration of all financial intermediaries and insurance companies so that Eloa becomes the “premium app” for financial services for professionals. explains Ludovic Laborde, CEO and co-founder of Eloa.

The SaaS platform is available to everyone

Real estate credit, consumer credit, insurance … Eloa integrates the main players in credit and insurance distribution into an API to create automated simulations, such as Cetelem, Sofinco, Floa, Younited, Cofidis, Luko, APRIL, La Centrale du Financement, Crédit commune de Toulon or Avissofi.

eImmo is also a fully configurable platform that requires no IT development. Thus, it is possible to redeem the tool in less than thirty seconds and place it on the website, transaction software or even in the real estate customer area to allow real estate professionals to offer credit and insurance solutions and end customers to subscribe directly, without intermediaries.

Thus a client space is automatically created to allow him to finish his project. Note that each real estate professional can also integrate credit and insurance partners to enrich the comparison of offers.

A multi-functional solution

Price-wise, the monthly subscription ranges from 59 to 79 euros per month and per user. Thus, this pricing enables real estate professionals to have immediate and inexpensive access to integrated service solutions.

Another feature: The tool and platform are presented in a white label, allowing real estate professionals to maintain their image, reputation and values ​​within this service solution. Ludovic Laborde highlights.

Finally, real estate professionals are charged as the business providers for every loan and insurance their clients take out. Thus, real estate professionals are not only able to provide additional services to their clients, but also increase their turnover.

Today, we offer mortgage credit, consumer credit, and home insurance. Our ambition in 2023 is now to offer credit and other insurances, such as non-resident landlord insurance, unpaid rent guarantee, and any other insurance product intended for housing and family. Ludovic Laborde declares.

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