fisol.  An insurance broker suspected of fraud was acquitted by the Fisoul Court

fisol. An insurance broker suspected of fraud was acquitted by the Fisoul Court

This Thursday, January 5th, a now-retired broker appeared in Vesoul Court on charges of fraud and identity theft. An insurance broker for nearly 40 years, he worked for several companies before starting on his own. Today, he is accused of signing new insurance contracts on vulnerable people, by imposing administrative fees on them in the form of checks that he cashed. He is also accused of “usurping” the identity of a well-known insurance company when he showed up at the alleged victims’ home.

18 alleged victims

In the bar, the defendant uses his right to silence directly from the beginning of the hearing. When listing the facts, the list is long: in fact, the investigation collected 18 alleged victims, some of whom have since died. The picture of the victims is similar, only the elderly and mostly alone. In various testimonies, the 63-year-old was described as resolute and above all very persuasive.

As complaints piled up, many investigations were opened and consolidated across the region. The pensioner is suspected of causing casualties in three different counties: Haute-Saône, Dobbs and Cote d’Or. Moreover, the insurance broker was already prosecuted in 2014 by the Court of Besançon for similar facts, this time with 38 victims, before they were also released.

After the investigations, the investigators found several files belonging to a client in his home, some of which bore inscriptions such as “He is alone”, “He is alone every day”, or even “He is sick”.

In this case, a reputable insurance company sued for identity theft. This accusation was denied by the defendant, stressing that the company is angry with him and that the latter is the origin of what he calls a “conspiracy”.

Similar procedure

All of the alleged victims describe the same modus operandi: a phone sex man contacted them, before going to their home by posing as a broker for a popular insurance company. He suggested that they draw up a new, more advantageous contract of insurance, and demanded checks of €50, €80, or even €100 to cover administrative costs.

According to the testimonies, he left with the identity cards of some of the victims, before informing them. Numerous relatives of the victims attest to their fragility, some of whom were even under guardianship or guardianship.

40 years of experience in the insurance field

A lawyer for one of the victims.H Anne Lagarrigue recalls the defendant’s insurance experience: “He claims 40 years of experience, it’s helpful, he knows the operation of the machine very well.” Defense attorneyH Jean-Michel Vernier Signorini opens his vocation by attacking the procedure in its form. A defense that puts doubt in the court and encourages it to pronounce the release of the accused for lack of elements.

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