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Housing Savings Plan: “If you close the PEL that opened in 2021, will you lose the interest?”

A housing savings plan is an entirely separate investment. At a double rate, 2%, in 2023, it again attracts attention … and questions. Hence the question from Michel, who admits that he does not understand how his interest will be calculated in the event of an early closure of his PEL.

Question from Michelle on Jan 9, 2023

PEL opened in July 2021 for €50,000. I want to cancel it and open a new account to benefit from the new rate. I understand that the interest has been forfeited and recalculated at the CEL rate. I do not quite understand.

Your misunderstanding is completely legitimate, Michelle, since PEL triggering is not instinctive… unlike almost all consumer bank savings products, The rate applicable for the duration of the plan is the one shown in the contract, opening.

If you hold it, your housing savings plan opened in July 2021 will be paid at 1% gross (0.70% after flat tax) for its life. That you want to close it to open an account that pays 2% in total (1.40% after flat tax) makes sense, even if we don’t omit the aspects associated with the Home Savings Loan, which MoneyVox has developed in the following article. Having said that, let’s now address the issue of concern in case of release…

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A very unexpected effect with a high CEL rate

Regarding your concerns, despite your obvious lack of understanding, Michelle, I finally get the principle. By breaking your PEL now, you will not reach two years of detention. for you interests Not lost but well and truly CEL recalculationsToday, I paid 1.25% (that’s 0.88% after flat tax). In fact, something unusual is that your Housing Savings Account rate is currently higher than your PEL rate.

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Is this a bad process? No…especially if you wait a little while before breaking your CEL. As MoneyVox explains in the article below, PEL interests that were broken two years ago will be recalculated in CEL rate… in effect at the time of issuance.

However, it is certain that their CEL rate will go up February 2023 After the Livret A rate. The future CEL rate will be known next week but it will be likely greater than 2%. Obviously: PEL’s recent break in February won’t make you lose interest. exactly the contrary. Your interest will be recalculated at the future CEL rate, i.e. 2% gross (1.40% net) or 2.25% gross (approximately 1.58% net).

In a very unusual way, there is indeed an unexpected impact with this future rise in the CEL rate for those who open a PEL in 2021 or 2022.

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