Santé mentale: comment faire pour remédier au "gaslighting intérieur" ?

Mental health: How do we treat “internal gaslighting”?

The tendency to your skin? You may suffer from “internal gaslighting.” And you must quickly protect your mental health by treating it!

inclination to hurt you, Your mind under it all? You may be closing in on yourself because of your “inner gaslighting.” MCETV explains your mental health concerns to you…and above all tries to give you keys Avoid indulging !

What is Indoor Gas Lighting?

Because Gaslighting gives you a bad image of yourself. In fact, if you only influence yourself, and you always have the impression that you are not on the level, you can make the wrong choices. And that hurts you.

But more seriously, “Inner gaslighting” makes you a weak person. It affects your mental health. Thus you can let people with bad intentions manipulate you. so that he directs you as he sees fit against your interest.

in psychology today, Richard Brouillette, therapist, explains four signs you may be suffering from “inner gaslighting.” First, ” you all Deeply convinced that it is imperfect. And you are ashamed of it. »

Because it gives A skewed balance of power in each of your relationships. So you need to know how to adapt. Especially Find ways to realize your value. Good mental health depends above all on good self-esteem.

The second sign according to Richard Boylett” Underestimate your strengths and needs to please others. Obviously, in addition to not deserving of an opinion, your mind makes you believe that other people know better than you.

Mental health: take care of yourself first

“It’s little Like a numb inner critic“, So explains Dr. Lisa Turner in Barber. “We berate each other constantly. We question his credibility. We question his judgment, his memories, or his perceptions.” It is clear that we consider ourselves the cause of all evil.

This also plays on the third sign described by Richard Boilet. “You’re ready to Accept anything and everything in your relationships“. And for good reason, this state of mind gives you biased judgment. So you have to protect your mental health.

If you often agree to do something because it is you Didn’t feel ‘in a position to do the hard stuff’And You are not making the right choices. And letting you choose doesn’t make you happy. So it is necessary to succeed in overtaking.

If you work in addition About two ways of thinking: constant criticism. or the weak part that fears abandonment, You can tick all four boxes of Dr. Boilet. So we must quickly Remedy this by taking care of yourself.

The number one tip for protecting your mental health: Meditate. empty. Weigh each decision and ask yourself if you made it in your best interest. Because one thing is more important than others when it comes to indoor gas lighting: Make peace with yourself.

So some advise you to speak up. Others tell you soWrite down the bad situations that caused you to hurt yourself. In any case, if you think that you are suffering from these evils, then you must move towards yourselves. Because the solution is within you: you must Above all, accept who you are !

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