Le personnel et les syndicats du GHM organisent une "journée clinique en deuil" pour dénoncer les ponctions financières du groupe AVEC qui le mettent en danger

Polyclinic Grenoble, mourning protest against a new loan for the AVEC group

The series GHM, Groupement Hospitalier Mutualiste, City of Grenoble, acquired by the AVEC Group in October 2020, continues with a new episode today.

The mourning clinical process

From noon to two o’clock, on Monday, January 9, the “Haddad Clinic” operation is organized, in front of the institution, by employees, trade unions, patient gatherings and residents. Protesters will wear black armbands and masks to denounce the actions of the AVEC group.

In fact, a little earlier, between 10:30 a.m. and noon, the board will ratify A new €2.7 million loan from the clinic in favor of the AVEC Group. This brings the amount of money that the clinic “lent” to 9.2 million euros to the group led by Bernard Ben Said.

Thierry Caron, Secretary of the FO of the GHM, and Secretary of the CSE request that the GHM be placed under guardianship to preserve its future
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A call for help is issued to Elizabeth Bourne

The money should be used to bail out the coffers of other structures of the group in financial difficulty, but the clinic, in turn, will find itself in the red, according to protesters who appealed to Elizabeth Bourne. Last October, the Prime Minister asked before the National Assembly, in response to a question about the AVEC group “State services must be attentive and responsive wherever this actor is established.” But since this matter, it seems, remained a dead letter, So a letter had just been sent to him signed by the National Federation of Private Health Unions Force Ouvriere.

We ask him to receive us.” explains Thierry Caron, Secretary of the FO within Grenoble GHM and Secretary of the CSE. “We have been asking to receive us for two years from the Alliance for Community Rehabilitation (ARS), former deputy for Isère, Olivier Véran, when he was Minister of Health, and he has never answered us. La Motte has treated the people of Grenoble since the 1950s, and it could not disappear because it would have been led to chaos by a commercial corporation. ! So we have to remove the checkbook from the head of the AVEC Group. We must put ourselves under guardianship to protect ourselves from this group that is in a disastrous situation. He already owes us €9.2m. Will he be able to compensate us? How are we going to continue to treat the people of Grenoble, to pay the salaries of the employees? It’s a real question.

Embezzlement complaint under investigation

Unions, employee representatives and patient groups filed a complaint last June against the AVEC Group for embezzlement and illegal appropriation of interests. The complaint is still under investigation.

Dr. Nicholas Albin, Chair of the GHM Medical Committee and Chairman of the Foundation’s Cancer Institute, and remarkably holds the voice of GHM caregivers. “Our mission for us is to treat people. And we’d like to do it quietly. However, given the current situation, we are under an obligation to alert public authorities and local elected officials. We ask for protection. We can’t keep punching our closet like this. We were told nothing could be done. But if these officials can do nothing and while we are going through a major health crisis, it is worrisome!

Reassuring CEO

For his part, Bernard Ben Said wants to be reassured. “The principle of solidarity exists within the AVEC Group, it is our operating model. These loans will be repaid in April. I don’t tell the doctor how he should work, when I’m left to do my job, which is to run business and save many.”

GHM includes Clinic Mutualiste, Clinic Alembert, Daniel Hollard Cancer Institute in Grenoble and Clinic Chartreuse in Voiron. This represents 430 beds, 200 doctors and 1,100 employees.

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