Keep your resolutions for 2023 with L'olivier Assurance

Keep your resolutions for 2023 with L’olivier Assurance

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In 2023, like many French people, one of your new resolutions will probably be to change your life, to live in the countryside, to leave the big city. L’olivier Assurance is here to advise and assist you.

Decide. In 2023, she leaves Paris. Its standard of living is very expensive and housing unaffordable. The goal: a human-level city, better quality of life and lower prices. A trend that emerged in 2020 with the Covid-19 pandemic, with a quarter of French people saying they want to move in 2021. Medium-sized cities offer more space for housing up to seven times cheaper than the capital. A godsend in these times of inflation. No need to go far: some are less than two hours from Paris, either by car or by train. So why deprive yourself? What applies to new life also applies to insurance. L’olivier Assurance can support you in making your decision for the year with offers to suit your needs and profile.

Offers at competitive prices

L’olivier Assurance offers simple offers at competitive prices. For cars, it offers three formulas: third party insurance and all risks insurance. At rates more than advantage, since 251 euros cheaper on average compared to other insurance companies. Added to this are three optional packages for those who want to boost their coverage. On the residential side, L’olivier Assurance offers insurance for resident or non-resident renters or owners. As such, if you want to move to a city where home insurance is cheaper, head to: Nantes, Strasbourg or Rennes. Prices are available in five minutes on the L’olivier Assurance website.

Escort, Customer Service of Choice for 2023

L’olivier Assurance is committed to providing the best prices and the highest quality customer service to support and guide you at all times in your life. L’olivier Assurance has been named Best Customer Service 2023 in the ‘Property Insurance’ category. And this is thanks to the 400 advisors at your disposal 6 days a week. L’olivier Assurance is one of the only online insurance companies with a call center in France. An affordable price and high-quality service that makes your life easier, this is the ambition of L’olivier Assurance.

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