20 students under arrest: march under high police control in Aubervilliers

20 students under arrest: march under high police control in Aubervilliers

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The article was updated at 10:30 PM on Tuesday, January 24th

Last night, at least two dozen students mobilized against pension reform were arrested and placed in police custody after a brief occupation of a building on the Campus Condorcet in Aubervilliers. arrest them, Broadcasting on social networksLess than an hour after the beginning of the occupation, and at the request of the Presidency of Campus Condorcet. At the moment, some of the students involved are still in detention, while some were released around 7pm.

While the Solidaires √Čtudiant-es union estimated that at least two dozen students had been arrested, an article in Parisian Published on the evening of January 24 reported “thirty people […] He was arrested,” according to a police source.

A solidarity rally was therefore organized this Tuesday at 2:30 pm, at the initiative of the Solidaires √Čtudiant-es federation of EHESS – the main university located on this campus that brings together masters in social sciences from several institutions. While a hundred students were present to demand the release of their comrades, the presence of the police was particularly important.

Police forces patrolled the campus, whose main buildings were sealed off to prevent students from gathering. Six vans and ten police cars were present, with law enforcement blocking access to the main campus building. Several battalions, armed especially with flash balls and tear gas, closely followed the comings and goings of the mustered students. A team of photographers sent by the governorate filmed the gathered students.

This particularly important repressive apparatus demonstrates the will of the public authorities to intimidate the students who mobilize against pension reform. After the CRS was sent to expel students gathered at the General Assembly last week in Strasbourg, at least 20 students were arrested from the Condorcet campus, then the strong police presence at the support rally is evidence that the government is determined to suppress any student action in order to eliminate mobilization against Pension reform in study places is in its infancy. It is also evidence that the government fears the mass entry of young people on the side of the workers.

After a few words during the rally, the students present decided to question the campus presidency, which is responsible for the arrest of 20 people in police custody. Indeed, any police intervention in universities takes place only after the approval of the head of the institution. Confronted by the students, Campus President Pierre-Paul Zaliot assumed he had called the police, while declaring his hypocritical concern about the situation of the detainees. Although he declared that he did not file a complaint, he refused, at the time of writing, to write a press release demanding the release of the detainees and that no legal action be taken against the detainees.

During the exchange with the Presidency, many of the professors and administrative staff present expressed their support for the mobilized students. At the end of the day many people were still waiting for new information on their comrades, He remains under close police surveillancelocated in the four corners of the campus and its surroundings.

In this context of police oversight and suppression to prevent students from mobilizing, a delegation of raised fists was also present to provide support.

As Ariane, an activist with Paris 1, explains, we must condemn all attempts at repression and intimidation to prevent student mobilization. To make Macron pay for his pension and youth reform that he is trying to implement, high school and university students must organize themselves massively into public assemblies in places of study and join the workers. in the battle to defeat the government. !

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