After 43 remarkable years, Mrs. Guylaine Romanesky, General Manager of Promutuel Insurance Center - Soud Torch passed

After 43 remarkable years, Mrs. Guylaine Romanesky, General Manager of Promutuel Insurance Center – Soud Torch passed

After joining the Promutuel Insurance family on February 2, 1980, Ms. Romanesky has become a role model in the casualty insurance world throughout her career. In 1985, she was the first woman to lead a joint venture at Groupe Promutuel, which celebrates its 170th birthday in 2022 and has a network of 16 joint ventures spread across all regions of Quebec. Also, in 1998, she was the first woman to hold a position on the Groupe Promutuel Board of Directors as well as on the Group Executive Committee. On October 21, 2022, Ms. Romanisky was awarded the Quebec Cooperative and Collaborative Order of Merit for her exceptional services to the Quebec Cooperative and Collaborative Movement.

Great achievements

Ms. Romaneski has a proven track record of establishing the Drummondville branch on Rene Levesque Street at the time of Promotil Insurance Drummond. This investment was an undeniable sign of the joint society’s progress, financial solidity, ability to innovate and meet the needs of its insured members in order to pursue its development. This was a significant investment of $3.7 million in the region’s economy. It has been a source of pride for Mrs. Romaneski to have entrusted the completion of this major project to individuals and companies in her area.

In 2016, the CEO found herself at the center of the take-off of Promutuel Insurance Center-Sud. What we used to know as Promutuel Assurance Drummond, Promutuel Assurance Coaticook-Sherbrooke and Promutuel Assurance Monts et Rives have announced that they will merge into one exchange, becoming Promutuel Assurance Center-Sud. By merging the activities of the three joint companies, Mrs. Romansky has made Promutuel Assurance Center-Sud convenient, so that

Continues to grow in the increasingly competitive market in which it operates. Quality of service across the wide Centre-Sud region is now ensured by approximately 85 staff in four service offices located in the territory, with over 45,000 members insured.

An engaged and dedicated community leader

Driven by values ​​of mutuality and cooperation, Mrs. Romaneski mobilizes for her community by supporting causes and organizations that contribute to the economic and social well-being of her territory. Furthermore, in 2022, he was paid $400,000 by Promutuel Insurance Center-Sud in donations and sponsorships in his district. Rebates of $3.1 million and $5.2 million were also distributed to insured members in 2021 and 2022. At the core of her decisions, Ms. Romansky has consistently promoted collective welfare. She is the builder of the reciprocal model.

Torch passing

The Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Ms. Marise Morel will assume general management effective January 30, 2023. Ms. Morel has over 13 years of experience in business management and throughout her career, has demonstrated strong negotiation skills, both in business development and team support, within several insurance companies and financial institutions, which allowed him to master his top-level management skills. The entire Promutuel Insurance Center-Sud team joins the Board of Directors in welcoming him and counts on his dynamism to continue cross-promotion in the region.

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