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Daily briefing of Tunisian news


* Tunisia: the transport union accuses the authorities of refusing to dialogue on reforms (AA)

On Tuesday, Deputy Secretary-General of the Tunisian General Labor Union Salah El-Din El-Salmi accused the Tunisian authorities of refusing dialogue, despite the difficult conditions that transport companies are going through.

This was stated in a press conference held by the General Transport Union (The Union), a day before a general strike that lasted two days (January 25 and 26) in land, sea and air transport.

Employees in the public transportation sector are calling for higher wages, as well as greater clarity regarding the fate and future of public companies, particularly those operating in the transportation sector.

* Tunisia: Said approves a loan of 200 million euros (Mozaic FM)

Decree-Law No. 2023-1 of January 23, 2023 approving the loan agreement concluded on November 19, 2022 between the Republic of Tunisia and the French Development Agency to contribute to the financing of the reform support program to strengthen the resilience of the Tunisian economy was recently published in the JORT on Tuesday January 24, 2023.

In accordance with Chapter 1 of this decree, a loan agreement in the amount of two hundred million (200,000,000) euros was concluded in Tunis on November 19, 2022 between the Republic of Tunisia and the French Development Agency and related to the second and final installment of the contribution. The Head of State agreed to fund the Reform Support Program to strengthen the resilience of the Tunisian economy.

* Tunisia – a one-day strike in the health sector (Digital Tunisia)

The General Union of Health under the Tunisian General Labor Union decided, after a meeting of its administrative body on Tuesday, to organize a large march in front of the Ministry of Health headquarters, as a sign of protest, and a general strike for one day, the date that will be determined by the central trade union body.

The union is calling for tenures for contractual and temporary agents, as well as a revision of the sector-specific code.

* Tunisia: 83% increase in the energy balance deficit (it seems)

The energy balance deficit recorded a sharp increase of 83% between the end of November 2021 and the end of November 2022, according to figures from the monthly report on the state of energy for the end of November 2022, issued by the National Observatory of Energy and the Middle East. mining.

Thus, this deficit amounted to 9,235 million dinars during this period, with an increase in the value of energy products exports by 47% and an increase in the value of imports by 70%.

* Tunisia – 2 days notification by fuel transport companies (Digital Tunisia)

The Secretary-General of the General Union of Petroleum and Petrochemical Products, Silwan Smeiri, announced on Tuesday that the union will launch a two-day strike on February 20 and 21.

He stressed that the fuel transport employees are demanding an increase in wages.

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