Extensions de garantie Un délai de rétractation plus long

Extended warranty – longer withdrawal period

The withdrawal period is extended to terminate the extended warranty or insurance contract sold in addition to a good or service (telephone, household appliances, travel, etc.). From now on, it no longer includes the possible free period of the contract.

You just bought a new smartphone or a new washing machine, succumbed to the seller’s well-trained rhetoric about the need to get an extended warranty, but regret your decision? Good news 1 year agoVerse January 2023, the withdrawal period has been extended.

14 days ago, it was increased to 30 calendar days By decree published on December 5th. especially, This period only starts from the payment of the first installment in whole or in part. Refers to the decree. The goal of this measure is to prevent consumers from being trapped by offers One month free insurance, in the end they will find themselves engaged without thinking of exercising their right of withdrawal. This procedure applies only to contracts entered into for non-professional purposes and for which no claim has been made.

Termination can take place by letter or other permanent means addressed to the contract insurer: mail, e-mail, letter in the customer’s account, etc. Therefore termination by telephone may not be taken into account. The order specifies that the insurance company is required to pay back the premium paid to you within 30 days of your waiver.

Often useless extensions

This action is a good step forward in consumer protection. A 2016 survey showed that more than 80% of our readers had heard of the ritual formula Do you want to guarantee your product? » The last time they had access to an electronic device or home appliance. More than a third have been lured into these contracts, while our reliability data each year shows that they are often useless.

Thus, the latest edition of our reliability survey, based on 88,020 reviews, shows that with the exception of stick vacuums, which fail on average after 3.7 years, small home appliances often work for years. No problem: 7.5 years for microwaves, 6.5 years for fryers, etc. After 5 years of use, 86% of the drum vacuum cleaners of our survey respondents are still in use. And it takes almost 11 years for half of all multifunctional robots to be good for a waste disposal center!

Before signing up for an extended warranty, it is essential to weigh the pros and cons. If the brand is reliable, the device will undoubtedly last longer than the extender. And if it breaks by accident, the average repair price (including large household appliances) is around 120 euros. Some insurance contracts will cost you more, without the assurance of repairing the device!

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