Livret A, LEP, Pension, EDF, Mortgage… What changes for your budget on February 1st?

New rate for Livret A and Livret d’epargne populaire (LEP), stricter rules for unemployment compensation, 15% increase in tariffs regulated by the EDF, and a new way to calculate the maximum rate of mortgage credit …. Changes await the family portfolio from February 1 2023. Detailed review.

Learn about changes to your finances starting February 1. There are many developments that must be taken into account Good and bad news to your purchasing power.

New rates for organized savings

This is one of the positive effects of the sharp rise in prices that is shaking the economy. Rates for the main regulated savings products will increase sharply from next Wednesday as their mathematical equations take into account the evolution of inflation.

The rate for Livret A and its twin, Livret de développement Permanent et Solidaire (LDDS), will increase from 2% to 3%. Concretely, a decorated Livret A of up to € 5,800, which corresponds to the average amount placed on this product, can yield € 174 in interest over the whole year at 3%, ie 58 euros more from the current rate.

Livret A and LDDS: Your earnings over 12 months as the rate increases
The amount placed fruit
At the current rate (2%)
at a future rate (3%)
1000 euros 20 euros 30 euros +10 euros
5100 euros
(average LDDS credit)
102 euros 153 euros + 51 euros
5800 euros
(average Livret A credit)
116 euros 174 euros + 58 euros
10,000 euros 200 euros 300 euros + 100 euros
12,000 euros
(LLDS cap)
240 euros 360 euros + 120 euros
15,000 euros 300 euros 450 euros + 150 euros
22,950 euros
(livret A limit)
459 euros 688.50 euros +229.50 euros

But there’s even better if you qualify for a People Savings Book (LEP). Its rate will rise to 6.1%, compared to 4.6% so far. Taking the average amount remaining in the LEP, 5,600 euros, the annual interest would amount to 341.60 euros, i.e. 84 euros more.

LEP: Your gains over the 12-month period with the rate up
The amount placed fruit
At the current rate (4.60%)
At the forward rate (6.10%)
1000 euros 46 euros 61 euros + 15 euros
3000 euros 138 euros 183 euros + 45 euros
5,600 euros
(average outstanding)
257.60 euros 341.60 euros + 84 euros
7,700 euros
354.20 euros 469.70 euros +115.50 euros

Prices are valid as of February 1, 2023

  • Livret A: 3% (net of taxes)
  • Sustainable and Solidarity Development Handbook (LDDS): 3% (net)
  • Blue Mutual Credit Book: 3% (net)
  • Small booklet: 3% minimum (net)
  • People’s Savings Account (LEP): 6.1% (net)
  • Housing Savings Account (CEL): 2% (total)

Sharp rise in tariffs regulated by the EDF

It is a new version of Tariff Shield which was limited 4% Electricity tariffs regulated by EDF will rise in 2022, despite energy price pressures. From February 1, they will increase by 15% rate. Average hides significant differences, depending on which regulated tariff option EDF customers choose.

It should be noted that the increase in regulated tariffs will also apply to customers of alternative suppliers, such as TotalEnergies, whose contract has been rated according to changes in regulated tariffs.

After all, this increase is far less than the one that would have been applied if the state had not decided to freeze any tariff increases above 15% in 2023. The Energy Regulatory Commission has in fact proposed a 100% increase in the rates paid as of February. .

A new cap on the mortgage rate

As of February 1, the method for calculating the borrowing rate ceiling is called real estate rate wearit will be calculated every month through July, instead of once a quarter.

This change must be technical Facilitate access to credit For individuals when rates rise sharply and faster than the rate of erosion. The latter is thus an obstacle for a large number of buyers who see their credit report as rejected. On the other side of the coin for borrowers, they should expect banks to raise their mortgage rates a little more.

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New job ceilings to take advantage of MaPrimeRnov’

The ceilings on work that can be financed by MaPrimeRnov’ will be boosted on February 1, 2023, due to higher prices. MaPrimeRnov helps individuals renovate their homes to reduce their energy consumption.

Regarding MaPrimeRnov Srnit, the device that is related to the renovation work allowing to increase the power by at least 35%, the ceilings will be raised by 30,000 35,000 euros.

For MaPrimeRnov’ Coproprits, which aims to fund energy renovation work in common areas, this assistance will see its cap raised by 15,000 25,000 euros.

In an interview conducted this Tuesday to Parisian, the head of the National Housing Agency (ANH), the organization in charge of MaPrimeRnov’ distribution, has estimated that this year all those who carry out energy renewal work, whether by gesture or in general, will save 790 euros every year on their energy bill. .

Highway prices are on the rise

The price of highway pages will increase by 4.75% On average from next Wednesday, after 2% in 2022. Many highway companies have decided to make commercial gestures to ease the bill. the 30% off Granted to motorists who make at least ten round trips per month on the same route you will pass 40%. In addition, electric vehicles will benefit from a 5% off For one year, on all of their tracks, on Sanef/SAPN and APRR/AREA networks, also from February 1st.

Revalued pensions

Along with the pension reform launched by the government, existing retirees will benefit from an increase in their pensions. After reassessment 4% In July, the pension from the basic public plan increased by 0.8% in the beginning of the year. Good news for about 15 million people who will receive their January pension from February 9, according to the schedule set by the pension insurance.

Retirement insurance payment schedule 2023
monthly pension… Payment Date
December 2022 Monday, January 9, 2023
January 2023 Thursday, February 9th
February 2023 Thursday, March 9th
March 2023 Thursday, April 6th
April 2023 Tuesday, May 9th
May 2023 Friday, June 9th
June 2023 Friday, July 7th
July 2023 Wed 9 Aug
August 2023 Friday, September 8th
September 2023 Monday 9 October
October 2023 Thursday 9 November
November 2023 Friday, December 8th
December 2023 Tuesday, January 9, 2024

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CAF deferred payment

RSA, Activity Bonus, APL … Payments are usually made from the Family Allowance Fund (Caf) Fifth of every month. Except that in February, it will take place with an interval, Monday, February 6, since the fifth on Sunday. A slight delay that will repeat three more times in 2023.

Reform unemployment benefits

The duration of compensation will now vary according to the unemployment rate for opening rights to job seekers as of February 1, 2023. Explanations. Currently, the term of compensation is determined by several criteria. On the one hand, it is necessary to justify 6 months of employment within the last 24 months To qualify for unemployment insurance. In addition, the duration of compensation varies depending on the age of the claimants: 24 months as a maximum for persons under the age of 53 and 36 months Behind – to the other side. From February 1, this compensation period will depend on the state of the labor market.

If the unemployment rate less than 9% As it is today at 7.5%, or if it has fallen for three consecutive quarters, the economic situation is good. The compensation period for job seekers will be reduced by 25%, while respecting a period of not less than 6 months. Thus, a job seeker who has contributed for up to 24 months will see his rights reduced to 18 months, explains.

On the other hand, if the unemployment rate is more than 9% Or if it increases by 0.8 points in one quarter, the economic situation is considered to have deteriorated. The indemnity period will then be restored to its current level and job seekers will be able to take advantage of an additional termination 25%.

It should be noted that this amendment will not apply to seafarers – fishermen, dock workers, recreational workers, expatriates who benefit from a special system and job seekers under a professional insurance contract. Same for people from overseas departments due to specific economic context.

Deadline (indeed) to claim the €100 fuel bonus

It’s a €100 aid for 10 million humble workers, welcome when a liter of petrol once again approaches the bar 2 euros. Since January 16, the fuel allowance can be claimed on the tax website.

People involved until February 28th to do. They must enter their tax number, their license plate number, and complete an honor declaration indicating that they need their car to go to work, in order to have the €100 in their bank account. So far only 3 million people have applied for a fuel reward.

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