The pension insurance must process the pension application within a maximum of 75 days

The pension insurance must process the pension application within a maximum of 75 days

The insured complain about the delay in processing their files by the retirement insurance and the poor communication.

Whether it is to collect his pension, survivors’ pension or solidarity allowance for the elderly (Aspa), the insured complains about the extremely long processing times for his applications.

“I sent my application for final retirement after two years of gradual retirement at the beginning of January to retire on July 1, 2022. Until now, my file has not been finalized and for months I have been wandering around and cannot get any information regarding the completion of my file,” complains Dudu de Clamart, on Public Service Complaints website. “I sent several emails (…), called 3960 several times and each time I was told We will contact you within 7 days And still nothing,” she continues, annoyed.

“My father died in June 2022, my mother applied for a survivor’s pension from Carsat in Rouen in July 2022 (…). So far, my mother lives on 410 euros per month while waiting for this pension “, franck de Vanekreuk who Tired of messages from the pension insurance such as “Studying your file, estimated deadline: 1 month 15 days up to 4 months” or “Your application for a widow’s pension is being studied by a consultant”, he ended up getting an appointment at the end of January 2023.

“The result is a complete failure: after 18 months of proceedings, the Aspa file is blocked, without even the moderator being able to intervene” concludes the disappointed Lagale, a resident of Créteil with a suggestive surname.

An increase in file inventory causes delays

“Pension insurance has faced a sharp increase in pension applications which has led to an increase in the stock of files to be processed,” acknowledges Olivier Dussopt, the Ministry of Labor which ensures “the development of an action plan to improve the processing of deadlines”.

Thus, the pension insurance has 75 days to process the retirement application file. If the study of the file has not been completed, a temporary liquidation is envisaged to allow the payment of the annuity on a temporary basis.

However, this data only relates to complete files. File processing times may be extended, particularly if supporting documents are missing.

Insured persons can follow the stages of their file and ask questions by e-mail and telephone via the individual number 3960 (no additional fees have been paid since January 1, 2021) and by appointment to their retirement fund.

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