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Life insurance: find out the money rates in euros in 2022 – live your money better

Savers who hold euro money in their life insurance contracts should get increased bonuses for 2022. The first rates announced point in this direction.

[Article régulièrement mis à jour en fonction des publications des taux servis] Good news for holders of life insurance contracts. Fund return in euros is rising! The first insurance companies to announce their rates for 2022 chose to increase. Mehlis paved the way on December 19. The Milleis Banque Privée subsidiary served 2.15%, compared to 0.95% in 2021 for its main contracts (Epargne vie Milleis, Capi Milleis and Barclays Prestige funds). Significant progress away from that announced by Garance. The company raised its price to 2.80% after offering 2.75% the year before for the Garance Epargne contract. However, it may retain the title of Best Euro Fund this year.

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Another good student in life insurance, MASCF reported 2.50%, or 0.40% more than last year. ” We served our members at an excellent rate with Profit Sharing Provision (PBB) increased by an additional 0.12 pips, bringing it to 4.42% to ensure future returns. Guillaume Rosenwald, director of retirement savings for the MACSF Group, said during a press conference. Good results that may be a surprise in the face of the sharp decline in financial markets last year. The CAC 40 ended 2022 with a loss of 9.5%. MACSF has been able to rely on its sound financial management and, in particular, on exceptional capital gains in the unlisted sector. The same situation for La France Mutualiste, whose rate for the main life insurance contract, Actépargne 2, is 2.11% (2.31% if more than 25% UC) against 1.31% last year, not to mention the remarkable rate of 2.61%. Under its historic contract, Retraite Mutualiste du Combatant.

compensation provisions

Not all insurance companies will be in this situation. But despite the disappointing financial results, they must compensate by dipping into their provisions to increase the rate of interest. They want to continue to offer competitive Euro funding, especially against the Livret A account. It’s also a way to work around the very poor performance of most of the account units. According to professionals, we can expect a return on the fund in euros for the fiscal year 2022, paid in early 2023, between 1.6 and 2%. The average should rise to 1.80%, compared to 1.30% for fiscal 2021! The numbers will be confirmed in future publications.

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